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New pubblications

January 2017

Paolo D’Adda, Roberto Longoni, Corrado Magistroni, Marco Meda, Fabrizio Righetti, Cristian Cavozzi, Yago Nestola, and Fabrizio Storti (2017). ”Extensional reactivation of a deep transpressional architecture: Insights from sandbox analogue modeling applied to the Val d’Agri basin (Southern Apennines, Italy).” Interpretation, 5(1), SD55-SD66. doi: 10.1190/INT-2016-0078.1


May 2016

Sadeghi, Shahriar, Storti, Fabrizio, Ali, Yassaghi, Nestola, Yago, Cavozzi, Cristian, Experimental deformation partitioning in obliquely converging orogens with lateral variations of basal d´ecollement rheology: inferences for NW Zagros, Iran, Tectonophysics (2016), doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2016.05.014





March 2016

Schreurs, G., Buiter, S.J.H., Boutelier, J., Burberry, C., Callot, J.-P., Cavozzi, C., Cerca, M., Chen, J.-H., Cristallini, E., Cruden, A.R., Cruz, L., Daniel, J.-M., Da Poian, G., Garcia, V.H., Gomes, C.J.S., Grall, C., Guillot, Y., Guzmán, C., Hidayah, T.N., Hilley, G., Klinkmüller, M., Koyi, H.A., Lu, C.-Y., Maillot, B., Meriaux, C., Nilfouroushan, F., Pan, C.-C., Pillot, D., Portillo, R., Rosenau, M., Schellart, W.P., Schlische, R.W., Take, A., Vendeville, B., Vergnaud, M., Vettori, M., Wang, S.-H., Withjack, M.O., Yagupsky, D., Yamada, Y., Benchmarking Analogue Models of Brittle Thrust Wedges, Journal of Structural Geology (2016), doi: 10.1016/j.jsg.2016.03.005.



May 2015

Clemenzi L, Storti F, Balsamo F, Molli G, Ellam R, Muchez P, Swennen R, (2015). Fluid pressure cycles, variations in permeability, and weakening mechanisms along low-angle normal faults: The Tellaro detachment, Italy. Geological Society of America Bulletin, DOI:10.1130/B31203.1

January 2015

Y. Nestola, F.Storti and C. Cavozzi Strain rate dependent lithosphere rifting and necking architectures in analogue experiments. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth  DOI: 10.1002/2014JB0113




Tavani S., Storti F., Lacombe O., Corradetti A., Muñoz J.A. & Mazzoli S. (2015) - A review of deformation pattern templates in foreland basin systems and fold-and-thrust belts: implications for the state of stress in the frontal regions of thrust wedges. Earth Science Reviews, 141, 82-104. Issn: 0012-8252.




May 2014

 C. Cavozzi, F. Storti, Y. Nestola, F. Salvi, G. Davoli. New materials for analogue experiments: Preliminary tests of magnetorheological fluids. Tectonophysics, Volume 630, 3 September 2014, Pages 131-136, ISSN 0040-1951,




October 2013

A. Cappelletti, F.Tsikalas, Y.Nestola, C.Cavozzi, A. Argnani, M.Meda, F.Salvi . Impact of lithospheric heterogeneities on continental rifting evolution: Constraints from analogue modelling on South Atlantic margins. Tectonophysics 608 (2013) 30–50 Link to article






September 2013

Yago Nestola,Fabrizio Storti,Enrico Bedogni and Cristian Cavozzi. Shape evolution and finite deformation pattern in analogue experiments of lithosphere necking. Geophysical Research Letters DOI: 10.1002/grl.50978  Volume 40, Issue 19, pages 5052–5057, 16 October 2013.Link to article





July 2011

Fabrizio Storti, Fabrizio Balsamo, Federico Cappanera, Giambattista Tosi, Sub-seismic scale fracture pattern and in situ permeability data in the chalk atop of the Krempe salt ridge at Lägerdorf, NW Germany: Inferences on synfolding stress field evolution and its impact on fracture connectivity, Marine and Petroleum Geology, Volume 28, Issue 7, July 2011, Pages 1315-1332

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New pubblications
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