The Natural and EXperimental Tectonics research group at the University of Parma – Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability is dedicated to studying the deformation architecture and evolution of upper crustal structures from the microscopic to the plate tectonics scale in an integrated way. This research is strongly based on field work on a complete range of tectonic regimes including contractional, extensional and strike-slip faulting and related folding. Quantitative information on rock petrophysical properties is acquired in the Microstructure and Petrophysics Lab. Geodynamical complexities and structural and tectonic models are faced in the “Elisabetta Costa” Analogue Modelling Lab. Established in 2011, NEXT benefits from research projects funded by oil companies and is involved in many international collaborations.

The research group participates in the activities of COMP-HUB  in the workigng group WG5-environmental sustainability