The “Elisabetta Costa analogue modelling” was established in 1999 by Elisabetta Costa*. Since 1995, her had focused on salt-tectonics research. The laboratory is equipped with a two sandbox capable of reproducing compressive, gravitational and mixed type systems. The two sandboxes are equipped with data acquisition systems for monitoring and data acquisition (Structured light scanner, laser scanner and cameras). After an founding from an important oil company has made it possible to equip the laboratory with tools and equipment that allow students and scientists to carry out research.
The reproduction of geodynamic contexts of compressive type (orogenic
wedges) is realized through the use of a movable wall connected to a motor, able to deform the model with variable speeds from a few mm / h as several cm / h
The gravitational systems (extensional margins) are played by the slope of the crystal base of the sand box, up to a maximum of 20 °.
With special construction techniques, we can reproduce mixed systems (compression + extension), systems in which there are faults (normal faults, reverse, slip), flower structure, pull-apart basins etc.

Nature is full of infinite causes which were never set forth in experience.

Leonardo Da Vinci

*Elisabetta Costa put extreme enthusiasm and passion in both teaching and scientific research, founding the Analogue Modelling Lab at the Department of Earth Science. During her time at the University of Parma, Elisabetta guided many students and she was a well-loved professor of Structural Geology and Paleoclimatology. On November 24 2009, Prof. Elisabetta Costa passed away after a long disease. Her kindness and her undeniable love for life are deeply missed.


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